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Struggling to Pass Ezoic Test? Don’t Worry! Here are Ezoic Test Answers. You can find the all answers to Ezoic Basics Certification Test, Monetization Test & Speed Test Questions. Ezoic’s Certification Test Answers.

Ezoic is an Ad Network that can help you Monetize your website and show display ads on your website. But before you can monetize your blog on Ezoic, You must pass Ezoic Test.

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Instructions for Ezoic Monetization, Speed and Basic Certification Test

  • Number of questions: 20
  • Has no time limit
  • Must be finished in one sitting. You cannot save and finish later.
  • Questions displayed per page: 1
  • It Will not allow you to go back and change your answers.
  • It Will not let you finish with any questions unattempted.
  • Has a pass mark of 75%

What are the wait times between test attempts?

If you do not pass the basic, monetization, or speed badge certification test, the wait times below apply:

  • If your score was above 70% but less than passing (75%), you will have to wait 12 hours in between attempts.
  • If your score was 70% or less, you will have to wait 24 hours in between attempts.

Ezoic Test Answers

Ezoic Basic Certificate Badge
Ezoic’s Basic Certificate Badge

Ezoic Basics Certification Test Questions and Answers

Ezoic Monetization Certificate Badge
Ezoic’s Monetization Certificate Badge


Ezoic Speed Certificate Badge
Ezoic’s Speed Certificate Badge

Ezoic Site Speed Certification Test Questions and Answers

Ezoic Site Speed Certification Test Questions and Answers

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Ezoic Test Correct answers

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  1. Thank you for the answers. I was able to score above 80 % with the help of above Ezoic test answers. There were also few Ezoic test questions that i couldnot find it here. Hope it will be added in near future.
    Thank You Again.

  2. Finally I found the answers here, nobody else have posted all the questions. I found all Ezoic’s test questions answers here. Thanks. Hopefully if ezoic approves my site.

  3. My website was rejected by Ezoic beacause of Scrap Content, but i have adsense ads already. How to fix that?

    • Try removing the scrap content from your website, check your website if it has any duplicate contents. Make sure your content is unique and then re-apply for Ezoic Monetization.