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I’m going to show you how to find keywords specifically designed to make money for your YouTube video and this is a technique that I don’t see other people using to look at those particular types of keywords that can bring in money to your YouTube video because people are paying for those keywords and this translates very well on YouTube. although her than he’s a Google tool would actually use out words and since Google owns YouTube, there’s a pretty good crossover between those two solicits RNC how this works the person you need to do is go to add words and you can create an account if you don’t have one I’m you don’t need to find it so that I can click this a very logged into my account and once add words loads were going to go to tools at the top.

Then we’ll go to keyword planner and I say you are promoting some kind of tutorial. maybe Ruby on rails, for example, so I’ll go ahead and type, and Ruby on rails over here into the key recliner intro one or more the following NL click get ideas and then once the ideas coming. he wanted click keyword ideas to get out of the group ideaSummit click keywords and then hide down this graph appear saw this click this icon toggle chart so you know that Mormon know what a lot of people do is, although through here and look and find which one has the highest amount of searches perm an amp of the three here. it’s pretty low, actually but you can sort it by clicking on the column header. and so I sort this now we can see okay, here are the ones with a lot more searches. these first three don’t really I don’t know so we can look at this one here number for reprogramming.

I have greeted us at suite nine hundred and also that low competition. this means I might have a fairly good chance of getting a good ranking with this keyword is not a lot of people competing for it, and this looks good. nineteen hundred– sixteen hundred. so what you can do when you’re creating a video on YouTube is actually use this as your title, and then you can hyphenate it and add a little bit more to the title, so maybe Ruby, rails-a beginner ‘s tutorial or something along those lines you want to add some kind of supplemental text into your title and make your title a bit longer because Ruby, rails, or what is ruby on rails is actually lived abroad. so by doing this keyword adding these keyword terms into your title, then doing a- on: in adding more text to your title, you really get to narrow it down, and that makes people more interested in your video intros and a lot more interest, so you always want to do that with your title.

now, this is the more common way of finding keywords, your hearing to the Google ad word tool type in some keywords, and then sorted by the average monthly searches. this is not what we want to do for this particular technique, however, show you what we’re looking for so we sorted by average monthly searches you want to actually sort by suggested it. you can see over here. there are dollar amounts. This is Google ‘s way of telling you a look, people are paying per click for these keyword terms. this gives us an idea of value for these keywords. so for example, if we went here and tries union. these first three LSI, there are some of the lowest wines as far as the suggested bed, but if we look at this when I hear to fourth when the good bit higher. eleven dollars and thirty-four cents and then we got this one down here for fourteen seventy-two, which still has a good number of searches that medium competition running worry about that right now.

so I want to do is find one. maybe that has even a higher dollar amount attached to it, so we’re going to sort by a suggested bid by clicking on that column, now look what happens. we did some really high value here. we could go afterRuby, Ruby on Rails is only twenty people looking for it, but it some of those people click your guy get a pretty good payout from your ads on YouTube, despite monetizing your video and you could use this as your first partier title you would be really, really on rails- then you would put something like a beginner ‘s tutorial are a beginner ‘s tutorial to get you up and running, you make it a little more enticing like that. I’m just playing around with the words after the- make a little much single make it just dumb. some of the simple such as beginners tutorial young. maybe something like starts enhancing your web programming skills now.

so, Ruby, Ruby on rails- start enhancing your web programming. programming skills. now our move to your job. get that promotion. now you’ll do something like that make it some kind of benefit that people really want to go after not just beginner tutorial because the really nice things monetizing out. they now back to the keywords in these prices so twenty is not that much, so we might create a video and needs can be some effort for only twenty people and of those twenty people, maybe even one or two my click on our ads, but because it’s such a low pool of people at more women might not make very much, but still per click revenger decent payout from this sober look down a little bit more and try to find out. maybe the seventy is worth it, got ninety right here so that might be good, but Ruby on rails security McKay, this looks nice. one seventy. this is even nicer. three nine. I think this right here would be well worth tardiness, three hundred ninety.

I also think it’s one hundred and seventy is well worth targeting. still nice payout off of this. no, you’re not immediate, twenty-two yards and eighteen cents of your fraction of that. but you get a much higher fraction than if it was only two dollars and fifty cents. that’s our going after these that have this higher bid value. now, this doesn’t translate exactly into YouTube on YouTube. the payouts are not very and ability differently. YouTube doesn’t have something of toll-like this one, we can look, but because youtube people are advertising on YouTube are using ad words accounts. this is a fairly good idea of the way as a cost thing and you also can get an idea of genetic infraction this you know you get some idea what you might get so off of this. maybe you’ll get fifty cents or a dollar versus if it was just two yards and fifty cents May beginning of penny five cents and some of his modem and got every night either that the twenty-year that really good Ruby developer and what you can do is on it.

if Ukrainian channel that is really focused on web programming, or even if it’s just focused on Ruby programming, which is really good because, in your niche down, you can create videos for all of these that have a little over a hundred. for example, you can create variations of these videos, and that way you can target all of you contort all of these with over a hundred, this one forty days three twenty this three not ninety, and this was seventy cents for different videos right there and because you don’t have the knowledge in this particular area Ruby programming that shouldn’t be too much effort to go and create variations of that different videos never going to look at how to find out if a keyword is trending up or down because we don’t want to select a keyword that might be trending down, meaning the monthly searches are continuously decreasing on that keyword. so let’s take a look at a few of these and see how we can tell right here next to her account. there is an icon that’s a small graph. if you are over, it’s can show you what’s happening with that keyword.

so, for example, would like to Ruby on rails developer, which had three hundred ninety counts right here and forever over the icon we can see was been going on for a full year. basically with this keyword is kind of stable things have not been training up. they have not been training down there is fairly stable, so this would be a good keyword to use. I was going good out here really develop the same outcome here as well by this is always trending very slowly, so all the data from August the second card drop-off in on this little bit, but maybe it’s just that all the data for August has nine come into this graph yet but this is like a really good slow upward trend services a really good keyword to use engineers, Ruby on rails development and this is kind of stable, although it’s up and down is not a clear’s not clear on training, have a wobbling around a bit, so this is also still a pretty good keyword and down when looking at this.

I see that’s about it. and also don’t forget we typed in Ruby on rails and is the main keyword and that downline will always appear at the top so we went down here into this grid, but the keyword you type in is always interviewed top up here and look at the graph for this that is doing really well and I would say this is an upward trend. not sure what happened in August, but never selling a lot of traffic for this in August. so that’s very good, and the fact that this is heavily searched low competition. this would be an ideal keyword to target got a great bid on in here and be a good payout fries and this is something we want to start a title with Ruby on rails-and then we would whatever angle were coming out with the idea we would add some more text into the title. after that- now that we have a good idea about keywords to use.

let’s go ahead and put some of this into practice. so to start off with our first keyword Ruby on rails, and on the YouTube and want to take us into the search. there are some hints that, related to the search and what these are right here in these terms that are popping up. these are very popular search terms. these are good traffic. now, this video is about making a distinction between lots of traffic and traffic that will actually pay or will actually click through and by targeting those keywords that have high bid amounts. that’s traffic that is like click-through into that keyword. because these advertisers know that there is money to be made with those keywords. so, right here. we stick with Ruby on rails. this is MBR top keyword seven, when clicked, S, and agency. we have a hundred and sixteen thousand results. these results are so you sell some of them over a number of years. so I scrolled down through you that so far three years. this is six years old, and as such hundred and seventy thousand views so that may sound like a lot,

but remember, this is six years old. so were going to go ahead and do some sorting here start getting a better look at the performance of these videos using this particular keyword and appear at the top there is a filters drop-down if you click that and then click view count still sore by view counts compass aligns with the most views at the top and he would have videos that are seven years old almost six hundred thousand views, but again cost seven years now. I’m not saying that’s bad. that’s a lot of views I would like to see what is performing well now, something that’s not quite that old, so these three-year-old twins. that’s not bad hundred and sixty thousand views are really good, and if you want to see actually, this year you can go back to filters and select this year it all and show you videos from this year but will go ahead and go back to this one that was three years old Ruby on rails tutorial part one this Psalm is not too old, and I think it’s going to be an ideal setup of how we might want to create our descriptions and our title in italics simulating click this one and although I had him pause. this is well let’s see here what we want to do is just look at what they have in their title.

how well is this description being used.and then when provided with information. happy New Year’s to rank okay, so there’s a few links in the description is not really too much in here, though, so what we would do is reveal morels with para- and in lieu of putting some text behind it, so we might do getting started on especially for beginners who want to put some additional text after this- that because our video a little bit, then put that same information like your first line in your descriptions of picture title back into your video type out some kind of description relate to your video and then add links, maybe add a link to the main Ruby site, some kind of forum. maybe a link to particular constructs that you’re using inside of you, Leo. this will help make your video more relevant and will be a resource. a very good resource for people watching the video and for attacks in which you can see the tax year, but as Ukraine video.

you can do tags for these you might put in relevant keywords so you have Ruby on rails you have Ruby on the right input rows in their bid and I just put in some more keywords in similar terms that have to do with your particular video and any complaints on their car engineering, such as Web developer, web programming, things like that web application programming tutorial, web programming, tutorial, so this relevant kind of keywords are going to your tags and if you want you can also before you paste in your tags. paste them into the bottom of your description and input links to your website to your blog, your Facebook, Twitter handler to handle whatever other social media links that you might have glad and film so we are doing. there is really beefing up your description. your video description. this is all that help your video ranking don’t want to see how to monetize videos that you are going to need in order to take advantage of your keywords and hopefully the popularity of your videos.

so in your YouTube account. if you click on your icon in the top right and go to creators studio you’ll land in an area that looks something like this and then click on video manager, select twenty-year videos, then selected for edit. there’s an atom but you can select video comment to an editor that looks like this once and on monetization and then if your videos over ten minutes you’ll have these options down here otherwise you will have and should be the first to write here and this is a good point. if your video is over ten minutes. you can show ads in the video toys at the end of the video. there are a few more placements for ads which means more opportunities to make money. so if you can go over ten minutes in for these options here because I am over ten minutes. this one mid- role as you have to supply, and some at some point that you want a particular ad to show SYS-CON and that will show in the middle of the video.

There in the video, there are ten minutes fifty-five seconds. he can see her and I got this ad to show one minute and thirty-five seconds, and for this, you really wanted to show it at a point where the video may transition a little bit and rather than showing it during the middle of something important when there’s a positive to break. maybe show their as video transitions from whence one area to another area or some content into a different piece of content, then shut the F so that way. it’s not this really disrupting the user experience. also, make sure you have monetization able for your channel, and to do that you could channel and then go into monetization and from here you can monetize and you can link to your ad words account as well. and if you have an average account set up, go ahead and set that up in the ringtone right now waiting for you can begin showing ads on your videos.

I want to do that once everything is linked up you have ads showing on your videos. you can then begin checking and making sure that your earnings are coming through. and you can see that under analytics, and maybe after a week after two weeks. check your analytics and check on the earnings and then see to make sure everything is correct. he should start seeing some earnings coming through, now I see how to get our video ranked Barryfast to do that want to paint it. there are a few sites that you can use to do this one is called pink color .com, pleaded here is type in the title of your video right there argues paste that in the YouTube URL and by the way, it’s also good to put your video URL in the description. maybe not right below the title, which is also in description, but maybe in the middle on something like video URL and in the YouTube URL which will get once you publish the video now and category. some of this stuff is not as important byAndy that he is going select a few dinners of the services and felt cash and paying was going to go through and hit all the services and benefits can complete and maybe within an hour,

Just a few hours start typing in your title, keyword terms of the first partner title before the- in YouTube type that into the search and see if it starts coming up, and most the time now, frilly quake here’s another one. you can use it doesn’t hurt to use multiple. this is paying the .com without hyphens. this is similar again to what we did earlier paste in the title of your YouTube video the URL, so there’s not as much to type in here on the door that RSS URL. check all of these and send pings and here’s one more google being .com so kind. same drill here, just type in the name of your video, putting your video URL and then go through and select always. I had to hear his check all and then you can go ahead and send pings and that’s crimping your site and then again after you do all these go ahead and check in here in the YouTube search for your title with your keywords and type in your full title is the main keywords. after about an hour and see if it’s already coming up if it’s not then with a little bit and then check later on and see if it’s coming on then and am you can also check on

Now that’s a little harder to do. I know there’s a lot of stories that were out there about how YouTube videos will also come through in Google. they used to, but they don’t as much anymore. so when worry about right now China fight back and get them ranked in Google, I would focus on YouTube because all of this will be discussed here is gets geared toward getting you clicks on your video and making money that way through acts and so this is really just focused on YouTube. at this point, so I hope that helps and hope you get a lot of clicks, you start seeing some payout in your ad words and begin making some money. also, make sure to visit other posts for youtube creator thank you

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