Sean O’Malley’s Damaged Foot EXPLAINED (Sean O’Malley vs Marlon Vera)

Sean O’Malley’s Damaged Foot Explained. Sean O’Malley’s hurt foot what caused this was it something he did himself ? was it something Marlon vera did to him. So we know in two minutes or 45 seconds of the first round you see the big stumble from sean O’Malley that shows that he is hurt this is where we know exactly when he’s 100 percent stumbling hurt has no balance in his right foot and he had to completely change his approach change his style for the fight to complement this quote-unquote unfortunate circumstance now what in fact caused this well what I conclude is it’s still speculation it’s not 100 facts and evidence may be sean O’Malley came into this fight with some kind of injury or something. But what I saw there is I think it’s a combination of things so Marlon vera attacks the right leg of Sean O’Malley with a leg kick to the knee it was not to the calf it was to the side of the knee and actually wraps around behind it where it attacks the peroneal nerve.

Sean O’Malley’s Damaged Foot. For those who don’t know what the peroneal nerve is it’s a nerve which supplies movement and sensation to the lower leg foot and toes by damaging this, you lose that sensation given that sean Mellie seems to be pretty skinny for the bantamweight division 5 foot 11 you know he seems to be a lot more frail get injured a lot easier this damage may have prolonged a lot longer than your usual temporary dysfunction immediately after marivera lands this light kick O’Malley switches stances backward he puts a lot of weight on his left leg which is now his lead leg and it seems like he’s not entirely confident in putting the balance on his rear leg and you do see him a couple of times I actually step on the top of his toes and it curls in the right he’s like rolling his foot here rolling his toes here which is very strange immediately after getting caught by the light kick and then a few seconds later he finally puts weight on that foot and that’s when he falls over.

Whenever he puts weight on his right foot he rolls his ankle rolls his foot he has no sensation or movement in his foot and that is what is causing the imbalance now sean o’malley did say after the fight that he feels like his foot is injured i believe because he kept rolling on his foot it possibly could have injured it there was a check kick in the fight as well it could have also done some damage but this is why i think it is a mixture of things i think marlover is the one who caused all of this but because of that o’malley furthered the damage to his foot as the fight kept playing out and if this is in fact true marlon vera clear-cut beat o’malley 100 it wasn’t just o’malley hurt himself and there was some freak accident if this like in fact did the damage or caused all of this marlon vera beat sean o’malley and there’s no debate to it now does this mean that marlon vera meant to do this to sean o’malley probably not i don’t think any fighter means to do this because it’s so rare to happen it’s very uncommon for fighters to lose balance in their foot and toes and lower leg because they get kicked in the knee everybody gets kicked in the knee all the fighters get kicked in the knee but you rarely see this kind of reaction at the end of the day.

Though it doesn’t really matter Marlon vera got that reaction out he capitalized on it uses veteran experience to use his skills uses superior grappling and just finished off Sean O’Malley in the very first round and also given the fact that he actually did knock him out put him unconscious with the hammer fist after the elbows and herb dean came in just in time for Malavika not to add on further damage when you look back at this right now it looks like a clear victory that’s what it really looks like and the thing is we’ve actually seen this before with henry judo when he fought Demetrius johnson the second time immediately in the first round right when the fight starts johnson hits Henry Segura with the exact same kick right on the side and behind the knee and the immediately same reaction happens for henry ceruto he rolls over his foot he loses sensation in that foot but it does come back quicker than sean O’Malley’s did O’Malley did not feel the sensation in his foot as fast as henry suhur did it may contribute to many different things.

O’Malley’s size for the weight class as height whatever it is he may be frailer than henry soro whatever it is he just did not recover as fast as saluto did so we’ve seen evidence in this happening in the past and that is why I believe this is what caused Sean O’Malley to quote-unquote hurt himself it was actually Marlon vera who caused the damage so in my point of view it’s a great win for Marlon vera clear win because we’ve seen this in the past it does lead me to believe it a lot more there are still speculations there’s gonna be a lot of people who don’t 100 believe it yet we need to hear from sean O’Malley we still need to see the medicals if he came in hurt or something like that’s entirely possible but the fact that he got kicked those reactions happened and we’ve seen it in the past it leads me to believe that Marlon vera is the one who did the damage so I hope you guys enjoyed blog Sean O’Malley’s Damaged Foot Explained. if you did make sure to thumbs up if you join my content make sure to subscribe.

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