WordPress Speed Optimization – How to Get 100% GTmetrix Scores

Hello today I’m gonna guide you on how to make your WordPress site load faster we’re gonna be using GTmetrixas our primary tool and I’ll be covering everything steps by step. Yes, I do have a hundred percent as well as great Pingdom and Google PageSpeed insights scores but GTmetrix is the best tool and when we covering everything from hosting which is the number one factor in the WordPress optimization guide. And I’m not gonna refer you to low-quality hosts like Bluehost or EIG. I’m going to show you cache plugins Cloudflare CDN’s slow plugins to avoid how to find slow plugins on your website optimizing images while you should never use external resources if you can.

I will show you how to do everything step by step and have timestamps in the blog description so open up your GT metrics report and let’s do this so load times are the primary metric we’re gonna be focusing on you can fix all the items and GT metrics all you want but the main thing you want to focus on is your load times and if you look at the WordPress optimization guide the four biggest factors are your hosting guys I know you’re probably ready for a sales pitch but there’s no way around not talking about it when people migrate from a low-quality host to a faster host it can reduce your load time by about seven seconds psych ground is good Claude ways is good to do your research on the WordPress hosting Facebook group it’s a great place to get unbiased opinions GoDaddy is not goodBluehost is not good Hostgator sucks a – sucks the main hosts that are rated highly in Facebook polls our psych round cloud ways WP engine and Kingston those are the four companies.

I recommend and run your site throughGoogle PageSpeed insights and look at your server response time look at AIGit’s a mega corporation that owns over 83 different hosting companies includingBluehost Hostgator site 5 I page they have shareholders to please so theydon’t care about you they’re gonna over crowd their servers which their infamouspoor and fire support staff don’t use anything owned by EIG do your researchand the WordPress hosting Facebook group look at people who migrated and postedtheir load times don’t listen to the affiliate test because it’s hit or misson which server you get just look at the evidence that’s already out there fromnon affiliates I use cloud ways to delusion plan which is managed cloudhosting and it’s super good I love it I was easy a psych ground about twoweeks ago which is great but you can see the difference in my response timesright here I already had a hundred percent GT metrics reports but like Isaid your load time is primarily controlled by your hosting it won’t fixthese items that can it greatly improve your load times when choosing anyhosting plan you always want to look at the server resources that come with yourplan so for instance I crown as you upgrade plan so you get more serverresources and you get what you pay for.

so if you’re running a Lu commerce site that requires more plugins and resource consumption you usually want to use a higher plan that can support that consumption and number of servers is one of the largest factors in the WordPress optimization guide so that’s what I mean by you get what you pay for even on cloud ways you can just upgrade your plan and yeah it’s gonna be more expensive but your load times are gonna be better sycron it’s used by Yoast or recommended by WordPress the only thing I don’t like about psych round is their renewal prices you can get one-two-three years of this promotional price but after that, it jumps to this higher price what I did with my girlfriend is we signed up for three years up to grow big plan and then after those three years we’re gonna move to cloud ways but their promotional prices are the best shared hosting you’re gonna get afterward you can migrate the cloud ways or stick with sycron because they are a really good shared hosting company.

you can also check out gangsta and WP engine butthose are a little more expensive start at three dollars a month mainly for hightraffic websites just do your research join these groups look at twitter lookat Trustpilot and avoid those low-quality hosts I saw a YouTube blogfrom Darren whatever his name is recommending host Papa and he said hewould use them on his own website it’s just not trueI have affiliate links to those four companies I recommend you also get adiscount if you go through them they are psych round at five ways WP engine andKing stuff so if you wouldn’t mind using those links I would really appreciate itand they are in the blog description but I at least wanted to provide youwith an honest review because there’s so much bad information out there the easiest thing you can do to improveyour load times is upgrade your PHP version login to your hosting accountfind the spot to upgrade PHP versions and make sure you’re running the latestone this alone can improve your load times by multiple seconds it’s supereasy the thing is most websites aren’t running the latest version and thereason for that is your hosting company won’t upgrade you automatically you haveto do this yourself so if you’ve been on the same hosting plan for years and I’venever done this chances are you’re still running a PHP 5.6.

the reason hostingcompanies don’t do this automatically is because it can break your website ifyou’re running incompatible plugins so you can always run this to check forincompatible plugins but it does have bad reviews because the scan can stop alot of times so what I would recommend doing is upgrade and test the mostrecent version and just simply check your website for errors if you don’t seeany stay on the most recent version a cache plugin is the one thing thatwill both improve your load times and fix a ton of items in your GT metricsreport look at the Facebook pulls and you’ll usually see WP rockets withperformance and WP fast cache are usually the top three WP rocket is apremium plug-in cost $49 a year and I have a coupon in the blog descriptionWP fests cache and Swift are both free but WP rocket is better because it comeswith a lot of features most cache plugins don’t and that means if you wereto use WP fastest cash or w3 total cache they don’t come with database cleanup orheartbeat control or they don’t lazy load photos and blogsit won’t host your Google Analytics tracking code locally which will fixthis item in GT metrics they won’t serve Google Fonts locally either if you havefull honors and some of them don’t have options to set up a content deliverynetwork

so WP rocket has these all built ends so what you want to do is dependingon which cache plugin you’re using make sure that they have these features andif they don’t install the plugins that I just went over to get those extraoptimizations but WP fast cache I will show you how to set up very quickly it’svery easy usually you just enable basically everything and it also hasoptions for CloudFlare and additional CD ends if you’re using a CDN that theyhave specific settings which you’ll want to check their website for but that’sthe gist of WP fast very easiest setup WP rocket is a little more complex butit’s still not very hard and I have a tutorial on my website which I keepupdated at all times if you’re using WP rocket these are the settings you cancopy mine if you want but the biggest thing that will fix items and GT metricsis the file optimization tab so just like WP fastest cache you’ll see minifyHTML minify CSS minified javascript and a lot of other options and GT metrics sothis is the most important tab to configure and what I would recommenddoing is enabling these one by one and seeing howthey affect your GT metrics before because sometimes especially when youminify javascript files or CSS that can cause visible problems on your websitein which case you would need to view the source code find those problematic filescopy the code and then paste it here to exclude the CSS that’s having problemsthat way you can still minify the page just not that problematic file samething with JavaScript

so like I said a test sees one by one make sure yourwebsite doesn’t have errors and especially the last two options youshould play with them and see how they affect your GT metrics report but thatwill fix a ton of items and GT metrics lazy loading makes it so images andblogs are only loaded once you scroll down the page and actually see them soimages can be kind of annoying to do this with because I don’t want imagesconstantly loading as people scroll down the page but I do embed YouTube blogson my website those take much longer to load so I have a frames and blogs andabled and I also replace the YouTube iframe with a preview image this makesit so blogs are only loaded once people scroll down the page and actually clickthe play button which is exactly what this YouTube Lite plugin does you canstill copy my settings here here’s my preload tab prefetching DNS requestsbottom line you want to go to this github page right here and copy allthese and all of these and paste them into a WP rocket so what this does is ifyou have external resources on your website like we will Adsense Google Mapseven social sharing plugins can cause external resources or embedded Facebookwidgets Gravatar dual analytics YouTube blogs a ton of things are externalresources and this helps browsers anticipate those so they can load themfaster it probably won’t fix anything in GT metrics.

But it does help improve theload times of those external resources advanced rules I usually don’t doanything database cleanup if your cache plugin comes with database cleanup youshould usually run this every week and just go through the options and makesure that you don’t need anything that it’s deleting post revisions every timeyou save a post WordPress stores that in your database and those can accumulateover time and clog your database up so as make sure you run this every once ina while if you’re not using a plugin that has this built in you can use WPoptimized content delivery network is specifically for stack path or punny CDNso the most popular content delivery network is CloudFlare which is a freeCDN and what this does is that hosts heavy website files on these datacenters and uploads resources to lighten the load on your own server and not onlythat but it reduces the geographical distance between your server andvisitors both of those are recommended in the WordPress optimization guide andthere’s absolutely no reason you shouldn’t be using CloudFlare most cacheplugins do have an option for CloudFlare I’m not gonna click it because it has myglobal API key WP passes cache also has an option for Cloud Player and youshould definitely set that up if you want to use multiple content deliverynetworks that will make your website load even faster CloudFlare has theirown data centers stack path has even more data centers more data centersmeans your website hosts on more places and it will further reduce the distancebetween your server and visitors and will lighten the load even more on yourserver most web sites don’t have to use both and can only use CloudFlare but ifyou have a high traffic website you really care about your speed I wouldconsider using stack pass CDN and I left a link in the blog description to themif you want to use them but that is as easy as signing up and they basicallyjust assign you a CDN URL which you just pasted right here and that’s all youhave to do harpy control makes it .

so plugins can send real-time notificationsusers get notified when other users are editing a post and it basically createsunnecessary resource consumption so generally you want to disable this caneither use WP rocket or the heartbeat control plugin to do thisand the add-ons tab improved browser caching for google analytics makes it soyour Google Analytics tracking code is hosted locally and that should fix thisitem and GT metrics Facebook pixel if you’re using that to track your FacebookAds then you can enable this and it should approve the loading on yourwebsite if you’re using varnish that enable this and if you’re usingCloudFlare you can enable this too or security WP rocket has a lot of greatfeatures built in that will help you set up a content delivery network clean yourdatabase disable heartbeat control so like I said double check depending onwhich cache plugin you’re using and make sure that if it doesn’t come with thosefeatures you’re installing these extra plugins to take care of thoseoptimizations so now we’re actually going to set upCloudFlare CDN and walk you through each individual tab so you can get the mostout of their content delivery network it won’t fix the GT metrics item and yslowjust because of the way their name servers work but if you use SAP path orpunny CDN or key CDN those will fix your content delivery network item adjustbecause that isn’t green doesn’t mean it’s not working and it’s free so youshould always use it all you need to do is add your website and cloud floor willwalk you through a set of pages sign up for the free plan they should detectyour records and then they will assign you to name servers all you have to dois log into your account where your domain is hosted

In my case it’s GoDaddyand change those name servers to cloud players simple as copying and pasting goahead and save and then go back to Cloud Claire and click done check name serversa lot of cache plugins that will ask for your global API key and zone ID you canfind the ear zone idea in your cloud player profile under the overview tabright here you can find it you are a global API key in your clock playerprofile under the API tokens and use the same email as your clock lair count andno this isn’t my global API keys that don’t even try stealing them once you dothat then that cloud flare will send you a confirmation email and then you canactually start configuring the tabs first go to your analytics and you’renot going to see anything here because you haven’t set it up for a long timebut eventually you’ll see if cloud player is saving you a lot of bandwidthand like I said I migrated to cloud was hosting about two weeks ago so while Iwas using cloud flare I was saving a ton of bandwidth I do plan on signing itback up I just haven’t gotten to it yet so while I was using it you can actuallysee how much bandwidth and server resources I save you usually don’t needto do anything that DNS tab the crypto tab is mainly for security and SSL ifyou’re not using an SSL leave this off if you’re using an SSL and thecertificate doesn’t match you use the full option but if yourcertificate does match your domain and you want CloudFlare to validate thatcertificate then use the full script option scroll down.

Since i’m usingssl i always want to use https HSTs ensures HTTP links become https linksand that protects your website from downgrade attacks cookie hijacking andmake sure browsers only connect using HTTPS that users don’t bypass criticalsecurity warnings this will verify request your origin server and make surethey came from CloudFlare using a TLS client certificate and that preventsusers from bypassing firewall and other security settings so you can copyeverything up here if you want that is mainly for security and SSL and thefirewall tab you can create up to five a firewall rules and I have one set up toprotect my WP admin that makes it so only users and the United States canaccess my WP admin page no they can’t log in but at least to get the WP adminit you have to be in the United States and I’m the only one that logs in mywebsite so that’s fine this protects insecure plugins if you want to copythat and the next three block unwanted box that kept hitting my website andconsuming server resources so there’s a couple steps to this first what you wantto do is install word fence and look at your live traffic report this will showyou all bots hitting your website in real timeobviously Googlebot is ok and Bing bot is okay tooYandex and some other ones but if you see a spammy bot constantly hitting yourwebsite then Google that posts a name for example Aria spectrum Google thatsee if other people are having issues and are reporting that as spam and ifthey are then you might want to block it and you can do that using word bucks socompute Amazon AWS

It is a very popular but kept hitting my website and consumingresources so I set up a firewall rule to prevent that saving me a ton ofresources so I did this with three other BOTSlook at your live traffic report for a couple minutes and see if the same botis hitting your website over and over and Google its hostname see the spammingyou can also use the block bad BOTS queries or the black hole for bad boxplugin wordfence actually consumes a lot of resources and itself that is why Iactually don’t use it I only installed it for this blog afterwards I’ll talitaand just use plug for firewall rules as well as the black hole for bad boxplugin so those are your firewall rules go to your speed tab go to optimizationand that your cache plugin already takes care of minification better than clogFlair does so we don’t want to look at functionality Broly is like gzipcompression you should enable that rocket loader will asynchrony a load ofJavaScript railgun used to be free and speeds of dynamic content for visitorswho are far away it looks like they made that to premium feature never use am/pmso NP stands for accelerated mobile pages and are a Google project thatsupposedly makes mobile pages load faster and gives you this EMP stamp andmobile search results

so I was using a MP but after reading gangstas study andhow their conversions dropped like 59% I immediately disabled a MP and it’s mucheasier to not use it at all them to use it and then try to disable it and set upredirects long story short if you’re not using a MP I would probably just avoidit if you do want to use a MP this is probably the best plugin to do that butgenerally I would not use an P there go up and go to caching scroll down alwaysonline okay so there’s nothing really you need to do here you can set yourbrowser cache expiration to two months basically what that does it’s the amountof time someone comes to a page and the cache will expire for them so to low andwill consume a lot of resources too high and users might not see it new contentis published on your website so I set this for two months page rules are superhelpful I have three page rules set up you can set up three for free this oneensures that everything on my website is cached and that I’m using SSL and theasterisk makes it so any URL of mine that matches my media masters comm andanything after that is cached and is using SSL

WP admin protects the WPadmin by enabling a browser integrity check security level is high but it alsodisables caching railgun and performance features within my WP admin so I don’twant rocket loader a real gun or caching and my WP admin you always want to turnthat off again I use the asterisk so this saves resources on my WP uploadsfolder if you want to copy that but those are the three page rules Irecommend the last thing that you want to do is go to your scrape shieldsettings and if you have your email address listed on your website andyou’re getting a lot of spam through that this might help basically blockspots from crawling your email address listed on your web site but still makesit visible to humans hotlink protection means if you have really high qualityimages on your website and people are copying and pasting those on their ownwebsite it consumes your own bandwidth you generally want to enable this sopeople aren’t faces copying your images it’ll kill your server resources enablehot link protection and that is CloudFlare in a nutshell I definitelyrecommend setting up if you haven’t done so I would right now there are a lot of ways to optimizeimages but I’ll walk you through them step by step GT metrics only shows youerrors for the single page you test that’s why it’s always best if you needto optimize your logo or your sidebar images ones that appear on multiplepages to do that first if you see surf scaled images that just means you needto resize large images to the correct dimensions

If we look at my blog thisis way too large you can always test this by copying image address andpasting it into a new browser window and yes I know my green screen is messed upbut we’re gonna resize this image GT metrics tells you at 290 by 290 I wantit to be smaller than my sidebar I want to be about half that so I’m gonnaresize it to 135 by 135 once you resize to the image and upload it to WordPressthen you just replace the old image with the new one another thing I want topoint out is that I know my blogs content width is 680 pixels so I resizeall my hole with images to 680 pixels otherwise I’m gonna see serve scaledimage errors specify image dimensions means me to add a width and height tothe HTML so if you don’t see this width and height and it’s just like thisyou’ll see those specified image to mention errors all you need to do islocate that image and add a width and high it like this next we need tolosslessly compress images you can either do this using smush image if Isharp pixel they’re all good I use short pixel and they all support WebP IIformat

I would recommend looking into or SVG in which case you would needto use the safe SVG you plugin those formats will make your images look nicerand load faster you can select lossy glossy lossless and you can also removeexit data which is basically like the time the image was taken what shutterspeed I was using you usually want to delete that look at the Advanced tab youcan see my settings here but optimize you know retina images all thatgood you can also use web P format so if you enable this and you see errors youmight have to go a different route but you can test this in that your imageoptimization plugin finally if you’re using CloudFlare you can enter yourglobal api key and other CloudFlare information to make sure sharp pixel isworking with CloudFlare let’s talk about plugins because they’re infamous forslowing down websites too many plugins or even one or two high CPU plugins cankill your GT metrics report so there’s five steps and doing this the first oneis to identify slow plugins on your website so if they show up multipletimes in your report or they take a long time to load and the GT metricswaterfall tab or you can also use the query monitor plug-in to find which onestake longest to load all you need to do is install it go to this tab and go toqueries by components to see how long they take to load

so once you know that then you need to replace them with lightweight plugins and that will require some research and testing but it is well worth it the third is to delete commonly known high CPU plugins and just avoid these I wrote this and I’llinclude a link to it in the blog description but the most common high CPUplugins are related post statistic sitemap chat calendar page builders andany plugin that runs ongoing scans or processes or shows up multiple times inyour GT metrics report the fourth step is to selectively disable plugins youdon’t use so I use the perfmatters plug-in to do this all you need to do isgo to their script manager and since I don’t use affiliate links or WP RichSnippets on my home page I just Sable these so my home page will load fasteranother example is if you only use your contact form on your contact page youdon’t want that loading on every single page on your website so you woulddisable it everywhere except your contact pageso the perfmatters plugin is premium I think it costs about $49 a year and Ihave a link to it in the blog description

but you can also use pluginorganizer or the Swift performance cached plugin also does this just knowthat Swift performance is a cache plugin and so if you’re using WP rocket or WPfastest cache you only want to use one cache plugin the fifth and final step isto delete all plugins you’re not using I don’t have a lot on my website I onlyhave 19 but they’re lightweight I’ve tested them all on a big stickler onwhich plugins are installed on my website and another thing I want topoint out is that if you’re using a plug-in like jetpack or some otherreally robust plug-in and you’re only using it for one or two features deleteit and install a plugin that only has that feature all those features arebasically more code they add to your load time so like I said that five stepsfind slow plugins and your GT metrics report and query monitor findlightweight plugins to replace them with selectively disable plugins usingperfmatters plugin organizer or swift performance avoid high CPU plugins anddelete plugins you’re not using last thing is if you use the query monitorplug-in to find your slowest plugins then you want to delete it when you’redone because that in itself can cause slow load times this section is specifically foroptimizing external resources on your website and this is everything fromGravatar x’ to google adsense and better than YouTube blogs Facebook postsTwitter widgets Google Fonts Google Maps Google Analytics a ton of things areexternal resources

so I wanted to go over those really quickly to hopefully improve your GT metrics support so first thing is to make sure you’re only using lightweight plugins and try to avoid these known high CPU plugins you should also try to use studiopress plugins if you’re using the Genesis framework since they’re all lightweight and shouldn’t add to your load times if you’re using google fonts try it the self-hosted google fonts plugin which will download all google fonts on your website and add them to your stylesheet you can also try chaos for web fonts if you’re using discus also try to use the conditional load plug-in if you’re using a slider like revolution slider a layer slides those can cause really slow load times always try to use a lightweight slider plugin like silica we if you’re embedding YouTube blogs on your website make sure you enable lazy load for blogs and replace the youtube ID frame with a preview image which you can do in WP rocket

You can also use a plugin like WP youtube lite if you absolutely have to use Google Adsense and i wouldn’t because affiliate links are much better they’re more profitable and they don’t add to your load time if you’re using Google AdSense you can run at the rail gun feature it is a premium feature in CloudFlare but it accelerates the delivery of dynamic content which is exactly what Google Adsense is you can also try optimizing the ad balance on your website or follow this tutorial which if you Google speed up Google Adsense you will come across this and they have a lot of great tips if you have a lot of comments on your website then those draft ARS can really slow it down so try using a plug-in like user avatar which posts or avatars locally or try to cache Gravatar issuing an optimum Gravatar cache or FB Gravatar cache if you’re using a google map on your website never use it in your footer or places where it shows on your entire website only use it on the pages you absolutely need the Google map

finally if you absolutely have to use external resources on your website you should prefetch them all you have to do is go to the Skip hub page which I’ll leave a link to in the blog description copy all of these as well as all these and prefetch that enough so in your WP rocket tab go to the preload tab and you can add these all here or you can prefetch them manually using code but avoiding external resources is definitely the best way to do it use lightweight plugins try to stay away from Google Adsense or Google Maps orthose external requests that will slow down your website now let’s clean up your WordPressdashboard and you can do this using the clearify plugin which has a lot ofsettings it’s my only complaint about it that it tries to go into SEO andsecurity and everything but you can also do a lot of other things like disablingpost revisions auto-saves removing query strings heartbeat control and a lot ofother miscellaneous optimizations I like to call it but that’s really all youneed it for if you’re using a cache plugin that will already take care ofminification

it does let you disable widgets which is nice so if you’re not using certain widgets you can disable them and get your dashboard but I use the perf matters plug-in by King stuff which is super easy to configure it is a premium plugin but it is way less bloated at than clear fly clarify at which you know super easy to configure disabling autosaves limiting post revisions heartbeat control it also has options for WooCommerce so if you’ rerunning a blue commerce site and you want to optimize the scripts and cart fragments then you can’t do that using this plugin I’ll get into WooCommerce optimization a little bit but for now just know that those options are there the other thing I like about perf matters is that it comes with a script manager which lets you selectively it disabled plugins from loading on certain pages

so if I don’t use the WP review Rich Snippets plugin Ican disable this on my a page another point you should check out it doesn’treally help speed but hide SEO bloat is really cool it basically hides all thenotifications and ads and Yoast and other SEO plugins so you can see thedifference this is without SEO bloat and this is with SEO Globe so you can see itreally cleans up all the unnecessary stuff and the last thing I want to coveris that if you’re not using certain features on your website like anos orany plug-in for that matter then you should always disable them so I don’tuse the readability analysis or texting counter any of this stuff so I have themtoo sable you don’t use features and yourplugins always disabled if you’re on WooCommerce site then thatwill add to your load time in itself and there’s a few things you can do to speedit up so if you go to WooCommerce status you go to tools you can clear transientsand clear your customer sessions there’s also a few other options and here whichyou can test out another thing you can do is install the perfmatters plug-in bykinks which has a section specifically for disabling scripts and carp fragmentsso if you actually look at GT metrics reports of e-commerce sites most of themhave get refresh fragments in their waterfall tab and it takes a long timeto load so disabling carp fragments can help and you can also try using the Skiphub code to disable carp fragments

I’ll leave links to these in the blogdescription you can also disable WooCommerce scripts and styles soWooCommerce themselves actually have an article about this or some github codeas well as a few other ones which I would recommend checking out the otherthing to know is that when you are choosing a hosting plan WooCommercegenerally require more server resources so pretty much no blue commerce site canrun on a really cheap hosting plan you should at least upgrade to a higher planjust so it can support the plugins and extra resources needed for that website this is pretty obvious but spam can hurtyour low times so always make sure you’re running an anti spam plugin thisis the one I use otherwise you’re gonna kept spammers filling out your contactform and just lots of unnecessary requests on your website every time your page loads a WP cron jobis executed and this will add to your server load and basically what you wantto do is disable the WP cron jobs and replace it with a real cron job sothere’s two steps in doing this and Psyche Brown does have a really goodtutorial all you have to do is go to your WP config file in your wordpressfolder and add this code to the file and then you replace it with a real cron jobso in psych round it they have an option for cron jobs as well as cloud waysthey’ve cron job management.

You can add a real cron job so it doesn’t executeevery time of page loads this will save on your server resources minimize redirects errors can be causedby a few things most likely it’s because you’re using a high CPU plugin orexternal resource on your website there’s no way around it getting rid ofthat other than to avoid external resources and these lightweight pluginsbut if you see it has to do with HTTPS or WW it means you switched to a newversion and then updated all those links on your website so what I wouldrecommend doing is use the better search replace plug-in and correct all thoselinks to be reflective of the new version if you choose a theme that is bloated itwith a ton of features code then your website has gone loads slow the best wayto go about it is to choose a lightweight theme that doesn’t havethose features and rely on plugins to only add the functionality you need so Ialways recommend studiopress I actually use their outreach pro team it is achurch theme but I customize it to be a marketing website so you really don’tneed to pay attention to the content just as much as the design and the factthat it loads fast so studiopress is a great place to go if you’re looking foran e-commerce theme.

Flatts i’m an astro are very popular and i have links in theblog description if you want to use them but I always just recommend astudiopress just because you know snoozes them so there’s Matt Cutts andthey’re even recommended by Matt Mullenweg I wanted to end this blog with acomplete list of speed optimization plugins I recommend checking out foryour cash plugin I usually recommend WP rocket since it has a lot of featuresbuilt in at most cash plugins don’t if you’re using it then you usually don’thave to use WP optimized CD an enabler or any of these plugins but if you’reusing WP fests cash or Swift performance it might not have those built in and youwill need to install a couple extra plugins but for free these are the two Irecommend if you’re using SiteGround they do have an ST optimizer plug-inwhich uses server-side caching which is faster than the file based caching thatused by most cache plugins and if you’re using cloud ways they also have thebreeze plugin if you’re using WP engine or GoDaddythey blacklist cache plugins because they use their own built-in cachingsystem in which case ow to use auto optimize WP optimize cleans yourdatabase CDN enabler is for key CDN or stack path or funny CDN for adding a CDNURL and setting up your content delivery network WP youtube light will lazy loadblogs self hosted google fonts these will host your google fonts locally thiswill host your whoo analytics tracking code locally which should fix theleverage browser caching issue and TT metrics heartbeat control steps theheartbeat api from running on your website short pixel is for imageoptimization smush and image if i are also good but these will compress imagesremove eggs of data and do a lot of other optimizations including using thenew web key format perfmatters is a premium plugin by king saw .

It letsyou selectively disable plugins from loading on certain pages as well asoptimize boo commerce by disabling carp fragments and scripts it will also helpyou clean up your admin plugin organizer does the same thing as the scriptmanager of perf matters that lets you selectively disable plugins from runningon certain pages clarify it cleans up your WP admin this is for cachingGravatar x’ if you have loss of comments on your website word fence is mainly forthe live traffic for identifying those bad BOTS that areconstantly hitting your website like Amazon and to block those you can eitheruse CloudFlare firewall rules or one of these two plugins squarey monitor isgreat for identifying general speed issues on your website as well asfinding which plugins take longest to lo DT metrics runs a scan and saves itwithin your WordPress dashboard so you can actually view your reports and trackyour performance and your dashboard this is mainly if you want to test outdifferent hosts and see the performance of each of them display PHP versionshows you which PHP version you’re running and always make sure you’reupgraded to the latest version like PHP 7.3 PHP compatibility checker makes sureall your plugins are compatible with recent PHP version so you can upgradebut it doesn’t have good reviews because the scan can mess up sometimes an P forWordPress is for accelerated mobile pages .

Like I said I would avoid that if you can because it screws up your design and Kingston’s conversions drop by about 59 percent when adding an MP so it’s best just to avoid an MP the only reason better search replaces in here is if you need to optimize multiple images that appear on multiple pages on your website you can actually use the better search replace plugin to find and replace images so you can bulk optimize those images instead of going through each page and updating at that image one by one.

I hope this blog was helpful if you have any questions drop me them in the comments and I’ll be sure to answer them otherwise I also have a lot of tutorials on my website everything from basically everything Icover in this blog to speed optimization plugins and how to configure different cache plugins if you need help with that how to optimize images CloudFlare a lot of good stuff thanks for sticking with me and it took a long time to make this blog if you wouldn’t mind at least telling me your improvements and whether this helped you improve your GT metrics report I’d really appreciate it otherwise you have yourself a good day.

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