Mikrotik Port Forwarding

Mikrotik Port Forwarding helps you access the devices that are behind a router from the Internet. With the Mikrotik Port Mapping configuration you’ll be able to access the computers, devices, servers, or certain services that are behind a local Router / Network from the Internet / Wan or Public Netework.

What is Mikrotik Port Forwarding?

Port Forwarding or Port Mapping is a method of forwarding a network port from one network node to another. With Port Forwarding an External user can access a port on a private IP Address in a LAN from outside the local network using a NAT on a Router.

For Example, If you have a web server hosted on your local server and you want to access that webserver from an external Network, ie WEB, then you will need to configure port forwarding in Mikrotik Router. You will need to forward port 80 on your Mikrotik router and then you will be able to access the webserver on your local network through the Internet. So the port mapping is a method used to allow a computer to access a port on a private network’s computer.

How to Set up Port Forwarding on Mikrotik Router?

You can set up port forwarding on a Mikrotik Router from WinBox or Web Interface.

Mikrotik Port Forwarding Tutorial

Mikrotik Port Forwarding Script

/ip firewall nat

add action=dst-nat chain=dstnat disabled=no dst-port=3999 in-interface=ether1-gateway protocol=tcp to-addresses= to-ports=3999

With Mikrotik Port Forwarding Script you can easily configure Port Mapping in Mikrotik Routers. You will just need to edit the Port Forwarding Script and then you can paste the scripts in Mikrotik Terminal and then your Mikrotik Port Forwarding Will be configured with just a few clicks.

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Hence you can configure Mikrotik Port Mapping as briefly described above along with the tutorial. Hope this Mikrotik Load Balancing Tutorial was helpful.

Also, If You face any problems, please comment below, I would love to answer you.

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