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WorldLink 300Mbps Internet, the new generation of Broadband Internet. WorldLink Communications Launches Photon series Internet with up to 300 Mbps Internet Speed in Nepal.

Worldlink’s 300Mbps Internet is really now taking us to the Future of the Internet! With Speeds up to 300Mbps, it’s the Fastest Internet in Nepal.

The Photon 300 Package includes the Smart Installation of the Nokia Fiber Router With a Mesh Wi-Fi Network to deliver very high-speed broadband internet up to 300 Mbps everywhere in your house. Worldlink uses Nokia Beacon 1.1 Router for Mesh WiFi Networking.

Wordllink 300 Mbps Internet Speed can be achieved on wireless by the smart installation of multiple routers, in a Mesh Wi-Fi network, placed in a correct location in the house to give a seamless coverage of Wi-Fi internet across the house.

Unlike the Wi-Fi extenders, mesh Wi-Fi enables users to log into a single Wi-Fi network across the whole house without losing internet speed and Stability.

worldlink 300mbps internet
world link 300mbps internet

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Worldlink is Providing Speed like never before, coverage like never before, and an experience like never before. For the first time in Nepal experience speeds up to 300 Mbps introducing Wordldlink photon series powered by Nokia beacon 1.1 WiFi Mesh Router.

Worldlink’s new mesh wi-fi system with the Nokia beacon 1.1 router gives you a mind-blowing experience and with Worldlink’s smart installation get detailed flow mapping by our experts to get the best place for your routers for optimum high-speed wi-fi coverage.

Introducing Worldlink Photon Series 300 Mbps!

Also, Worldlink helps with proper router mounting and installation with efficient cabling and drilling making every corner a high-speed wi-fi corner. now you can connect your devices seamlessly everywhere in your home. just one network for easier and better internet connection. pair up multiple Nokia beacon 1.1 routers for limitless coverage.

The Nokia WiFi Router Mobile app also provides tips on how to connect Beacons and where to place them. It even helps users find the best location for placing their WiFi Routers by testing the Wi-Fi signal.

Worldlink 300Mbps Photon Plan Available Locations

wordlink 300mbps internet price
Worldlink photon plan pricing
wordlink photon plan rotuer charges
wordlink photon plan rotuer charges

Installation of Nokia WiFi Beacon 1.1 with Mesh System

For every Nokia WiFi Beacon 1.1Nokia WiFi Beacon 1.1 RentalNokia WiFi Beacon 1.1 Deposit
1 MonthRs. 4000Rs. 2500
3 MonthsRs. 3000Rs. 2500
12 MonthsRs. 2000Rs. 2500
Nokia WiFi Beacon 1.1 Rental Charges

The rate mentioned here is up to 2 Beacon 1.1. routers. For the 3rd or more Beacon 1.1 routers, the installation charges will be Rs.8000 each.

One Time Charge for STBPrimary STBPrimary STB DepositSecondary STBSecondary STB Deposit
1 MonthRs. 3000Rs. 500Rs. 2000Rs. 500
3 MonthsRs. 2500Rs. 500Rs. 2000Rs. 500
12 MonthsFreeRs. 500Rs. 2000Rs. 500
Net Tv Installation Prices

For 3 Months Internet including 1 STB & a Beacon Router = Rs. 23219

For 12 Months Internet including 1 STB & Beacon Router = Rs. 34575

According to Worldlink, their 300Mbps Photon Internet Plan does not have any FUP Limits. Users can Download / Upload Unlimited data without any quota restriction.

Nokia WiFi Beacon 1.1 – Mesh WiFi Router

With Worldlink photon 300 Mbps internet and Nokia beacon 1.1 Mesh WiFi Router You can experience speed and coverage like never before, Users can get high-speed Internet in every corner of your house.

Nokia WiFi Beacon 1.1
Nokia WiFi Beacon 1.1

Nokia WiFi Beacon 1.1 Mesh WiFi Router Features

Create or extend a Nokia WiFi mesh network with Wi-Fi 5

Fast Wi-Fi Performance With Nokia Beacon WiFi Mesh Router

  • 2×2 MIMO on 2.4 GHz
  • 2×2 MIMO on 5 GHz
  • 1 Gigabit Wan Port
  • 2 Gigabit Lan Ports

Whole-home Wi-Fi coverage using Multiple Nokia Beacon Router 1.1 in WiFi Mesh Topology.

Nokia WiFi Router Mobile App

Nokia Mobile app is available from which users can configure their Routers.

Nokia Bacon Mobile App
Nokia Bacon Mobile App
nokia wifi mobile app
Nokia Wifi Mobile App

The fastest Internet in Nepal


WorldLink Communications Ltd., Nepal’s largest internet service provider has launched the fastest internet in Nepal, with speeds up to 300Mbps.

Worldlink has launched the fastest internet now available in the Nepali market with speeds of 300 Mbps speed under the Photon Series based on Mesh Wi-Fi technology.

Worldlink is providing the new generation Nokia WiFi Beacon 1.1 Router which works as a mesh wifi router to deliver Seamless high-speed Internet speed supporting speeds up to 300Mbps.


What speed will you get on Worldlink 300Mbps Internet Plan?

You can get Speeds up to 37.5 MB/S on 300mbps Internet Plan.

What is the FUP for Worldlink 300Mbps Internet?

Worldlink 300Mbps Photon Internet Plan does not have any FUP Limits.

Can you download unlimited on Worldlink 300Mbps Internet?

Yes, you can Download / Upload Unlimited data without any quota restriction.

Which router is used in Worldlink 300Mbps Plan?

Worldlink Uses Nokia Beacon 1.1 Wi-Fi Mesh Router for their 300mbps internet plans.

How many Mesh Wi-Fi can I set up together?

Only 3 devices (1 main router and 2 beacon devices) can be set up on the same network.

What is the price for worldlink 300mbps Internet in Nepal?

The price for world link 300Mbps Internet is Rs. 34575 for a year including STB & a Nokia Beacon 1.1 WiFi Mesh Router.

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