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Google Adsense Replacing Matched Content with Multiplex Ads. Recently Google AdSense team has announced about changing Google Adsense Matched Content with Multiplex Ads.

Google Adsense will now shut down the Matched Content Ad and starting from March 1, 2022, it will be replaced with “Multiplex Ads“.

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Google Adsense Replacing Matched Content with Multiplex Ads

Matched Content ad is a type of Google Adsense ad which shows recommendations to site visitors and helps publishers promote their website contents to website visitors.

Earlier it was only available for Adsense Publishers having high traffic on their website but now Multiplex ad is available for all publishers regardless of any limitations.

On 24, November 2021, Google Announced making important changes regarding Adsense Matched Contents. From March 1, 2022, Matched contents will be shut down and it will be renamed Multiplex Ads.

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Google Says that ” Google has originally launched Adsense Matched Content as a recommendation service to help Publishers promote their website content to site visitors. Matched Content also had the option to show ads alongside the links to website content.

Google also says ” Due to decrease in usage of the content promotion service, and positive customer feedback and performance results from the ads-only matched content ad format, Google decided to turn down the content promotion service and convert all existing matched content units to only show ads. This also applies to Matched contents units that have the ‘Monetize with Ads’ option turned off.”

Multiplex Ads

Multiplex Ads lets you show ads on your site that display relevant contents of your website to site visitors. You can show multiplex ads on Articles, posts, or Pages. At the end of the post, Multiplex ads will show similar related contents & posts ads that link to your website.

Multiplex Ads are really helpful for publishers to increase engagement in their website and also increase ad revenue along with good CTR.

Here is what the Multiplex Ads widget looks like:

google adsense multiplex ads
Google Adsense Replacing Matched Content with Multiplex Ads

Changing Adsense Matched Content with Multiplex Ads

Google is rebranding Adsense matched content with multiplex ads, to comply with the ad formats that are available on Google Ads Manager.

The main purpose of changing matched content ads to Multiplex ads is because of a decrease in usage of matched content by publishers.

Google has also now removed the requirement for the matched content, Now all Adsense publishers will have access to all new ad formats in Multiplex ads.

Other changes in Adsense Multiplex Ads and Matched Content

Alongside the format change, Google Adsense is also making the following changes:

  • Rebranding Matched content to “Multiplex ads”, to align with the ad format that’s available on Google Ad Manager.
  • Removing the eligibility restrictions that currently apply to Matched content. The new format will be available to all AdSense publishers.
  • Removing the Sites > Matched content page from the AdSense interface.
  • Updating the Matched content unit editor to show the new ads-only format.
  • (Lab participants only) Turning off the ads-only Matched content AdSense Lab and marking it as retired.


When is Google shutting down Adsense Matched Content?

Google Adsense matched contents will be shut down from March 1, 2022.

Why is Google Adsense Replacing Matched Content with Multiplex Ads?

Google Adsense is replacing Matched Content with Multiplex Ads because of a decrease in usage of matched content ads by publishers.

What are Multiplex Ads?

Multiplex Ads are new ad formats from Google Adsense that are shown on a website instead of an older Matched Content ad.

When will Multiplex Ads start to appear?

Google Adsense Multiplex ads will be shown starting from March 1, 2022.

Is there any requirement for Multiplex Ads?

No, there are no limitations for using Adsense Multiplex Ads. All publishers can use Multiplex Ads regardless of their Site Traffic.

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