1. Working Great From DUBAI, I’m using Etisalat. Also, I have mailed you regarding HIGH-SPEED VPN, also if you could provide a PUBLIC IP for VPN.

  2. I thought the VPN was slow, but I was wrong .
    Earlier I used Mobile data to use VPN and my Mobile Data itself was too slow and laggy but now I’m using VPN on a WiFi and guess what? I’m having such a great experience. I easily hit speeds around 100Mbps on this VPN , I must say this VPN is really Fast and Stable. I’m really enjoying the paid plan. 🙂☺️

    Thanks for your Guidance.

    • You can only enjoy the full bandwidth of a VPN if you have a Fast internet Connection.

      If your Primary Internet itself is slow then you cannot get good speeds on VPN or any other connection.

      Glad to hear, You’re happy with our VPN Service.

  3. Since yesterday vpn was connecting and working nicely but now it’s not getting connected 😭😭😭😭😭

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